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Wachuma in the Mountains

There are three opportunities to come join the church in Ceremony in July & September - they are the following:♦ July 26 - 28 ♦ September 13 - 15 ♦ September 20 -22

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Greetings from Sanctuary of the Sovereign Heart Church*.

Wachuma is also known as San Pedro: a sacred cactus containing mescaline native to the Andes Mountains!

It is a grounding plant medicine that invites us to quiet our minds and live in our hearts. We leave old stories and patterns behind as we reconnect with our Inner Child. We learn new ways to relate and play with Mother Earth, the earth of our bodies, and one another.

There are three opportunities to come join the church in Ceremony in July & September – they are the following:

♦ July 26 – 28

♦ September 13 – 15

♦ September 20 -22 

Wachuma Retreat Itinerary – Breckenridge Mountains


6:00 PM: Arrival and Check-in. Welcome to the serene Breckenridge Mountains. Settle into your accommodations and get acquainted with your surroundings.

7:30 PM: Medicine Family Potluck. Join us for a warm, communal potluck dinner. Bring a dish to share and enjoy a nourishing meal while meeting fellow retreat participants.


8:00 AM: Opening Prayer and Cactus Tea Ceremony. Begin the day with an opening prayer, followed by a sacred cactus tea ceremony. This ritual will set the intention for the weekend and connect us to the healing energy of the medicine.

Followed by: Medium Hike to Mohawk Lake. Embark on a moderate hike featuring an 800 ft elevation gain. The hike is approximately 2 hours round trip and offers stunning mountain views. For those seeking more adventure, an optional hike to a higher alpine lake is available.

Time TBD: Return to Homebase – Arrive back at our base camp. Take some time to rest and refresh.

Time TBD Sound Bath with Ryan Winsor – Immerse yourself in a soothing sound bath led by Ryan. The vibrations from the instruments will help you relax and integrate the morning’s experiences.

6:00 PM: Nourishing Dinner
Enjoy a wholesome and nourishing dinner prepared with love. Reflect on the day and share your experiences with the group.


8:00 AM: Breakfast & Integration Circle – Start the morning with a healthy breakfast. Participate in an integration circle where you can share insights and reflections from the retreat. This circle will help ground your experiences and provide support for your ongoing journey.

12:00 PM: Departure. Conclude the retreat with heartfelt goodbyes. We hope you leave feeling rejuvenated and connected to the Wachuma medicine and the natural world.

Optional Add-on
Tubing Adventure with Royce and Friends – Extend your stay with an exciting tubing adventure. Timing and details will be arranged based on interest.


Bed in shared room at 5 star rated stunning Airbnb Cottage in the mountains of Breckenridge. Find us at @plantmagicbreck

Additional Information:

Additional nights available for $79 per night.
Arrive a day early for $79 at Plant Magic Breck.
Each room is Shared, and you will have your own memory foam bed.

A Signal group will be created for all participants to stay connected.

What to Expect:

Sacred plant medicine ceremonies
Expert guidance and support
Deep connections with nature and community
Healing and rejuvenation through sound and song
Opportunities for personal growth and transformation

Who Should Attend: This retreat is open to anyone seeking a deeper connection with themselves, nature, and the healing power of plant medicine. Whether you are new to these practices or have experience, you will find a welcoming and supportive community here.


Ryan Winsor is a multi-faceted guide that weaves a tapestry of self-empowerment through the profound wisdom of sacred medicines and sound. From the jungles and mountains of Peru, Ryan incorporates the lessons of diverse cultures and their sacred traditions. As a musician, sound practitioner, ceremonialist, and yoga instructor, Ryan harnesses these tools to create a holistic approach to empowerment. Over the past decade, Ryan’s main focus has been on sacred plant medicines, including Wachuma/San Pedro. Ryan’s focus with Wachuma is a path of self-empowerment, through its innate heart-opening wisdom. Whether you seek inner harmony, personal growth, or a deeper connection to your true self, Ryan’s mission is to guide and facilitate a safe space for your personal and unique transformative path. Ryan deeply respects the traditions of indigenous tribes who have stewarded these sacred medicines for centuries. Ryan is a bearer of knowledge and is committed to educating participants while deferring to indigenous wisdom. His focus being creating space for our own unique relationship with The Divine while paying respects to the rich traditions and their histories.

Meaghan Len will also be holding space– Medicine Carrier, Mystic, Magic Professor, & practicing Celtic Witch passionately reframing the narrative of psychedelics from drugs to medicines & sacraments. Meg serves as a bridge to other realms; Her passion is cultivating connection. Focusing on building community & befriending Mysticism, she studies with Shamans & High Priestesses in Peru, Brazil, Europe & Australia. Living fore-front of the Psychedelic Renaissance. Meg is pioneering precedents within the movement, as the co-counder of The Denver HeartQuarters, with an ensemble of dream-weavers.

*Sanctuary of the Sovereign Heart (SoSH) is a registered church recognizing psychedelics as sacred plant medicine sacraments. And thus are protected by the First Amendment, Freedom of Religon, and The Religous Freedoms and Restorations Act (RFRA). Additionally, being located in Colorado, SoSH celebrates and honors the protections of psychedleics under Proposition 122, a successful People’s Ballot Initiative to legalize psychoactive substances in 2022.

How to Register:

To register for any of these retreats, please fill this form and we will contact you directly.

Spaces are limited, so be sure to secure your spot early.
Location: Breckenridge, Colorado

Price: SLIDING SCALE: $555 – $777

All inclusive 🌵


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