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Denver's Premiere Brick and Mortar Psychedelic Resource Center
Visit us at 925 East 17th Avenue in Uptown, Denver

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Unlock the mysteries of your mind and spirit at Plant Magic HQ, Denver’s premier center for psychedelic exploration and education. Here, we offer a range of services including ceremonies, educational workshops, retreats, and more, all designed to foster healing, growth, and connection. Unfortunately, we can not do this without your support. Help Plant Magic pioneer the psychedelic and plant medicine movements.

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Our Offerings

  • Ceremonies: Experience transformative psychedelic ceremonies in a safe, supportive environment.
  • Education: Learn about the science and spirituality of plant medicine.
  • Retreats: Join us for immersive retreats in beautiful natural settings.
  • Microdosing Community: Access quality products for a sustainable microdosing practice.
  • Events: Engage with our community through workshops, talks, and gatherings.
  • Sacred Sacrament Services: Personalize your journey with sacred plant medicine guidance.
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Why Donations Matter

Sustaining the Journey Towards Healing and Discovery

Plant Magic HQ is a non-profit organization committed to advancing the understanding and accessibility of plant medicine and psychedelics. Your donations play a crucial role in our mission. Here’s why:

  • Research and Advocacy: Funding supports ongoing research into the benefits of psychedelics and advocacy for legal and social acceptance.
  • Community Outreach: Donations help us offer educational programs, community services, and assistance to those who cannot afford them.
  • Sustainable Practices: We are dedicated to sustainable sourcing and preservation of sacred plants, ensuring these practices continue for future generations.

Your contribution helps us continue these vital efforts, making the healing powers of plant medicine accessible to all.


Ways to Support Plant Magic HQ

1. Donate via PayPal

Support Plant Magic HQ with a one-time gift or set up easy recurring donations to help sustain our mission. Your financial support is crucial in advancing plant medicine research and education. Donate through PayPal.

2. Join the Dose Denver PMA

Become a member of the Dose Denver Plant Medicine Association (PMA) and be part of a growing community dedicated to the exploration and preservation of plant medicine. Join us today!

3. Donate with Crypto

Embrace the future of giving by donating to Plant Magic HQ with cryptocurrency. Your crypto donations help us innovate and expand our reach in the world of plant medicine. Donate with Crypto.

4. Volunteer with Us!

Join our vibrant community as a volunteer and contribute your time and skills to support our cause. Volunteering with us is a rewarding way to engage with plant medicine culture and make a meaningful difference.

5. Share & Promote on Social Media

Spread the word about Plant Magic HQ and our mission! Share our story, events, and educational resources on your social media platforms to help promote the benefits of plant medicine and psychedelics.

Help Support The Plant Magic

Support Plant Magic with a one-time gift or set up easy recurring donations to help sustain our mission. Your financial support is crucial in advancing our community, plant medicine research, and education.

Plant Magic – Breckenridge Colorado

πŸ„ We invite you to the Mountains🌡

Dates: June 14-16

Discover the Healing Power of Nature

Join us for a transformative retreat in the majestic mountains of Colorado, where we will embark on a journey of healing and self-discovery through the ancient and sacred practices of plant medicine and sound.

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