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Plant Magic Collective
Summer Solstice Fundraiser

Double Your Impact!
If our goal of $10K is met by June 30,
your donation to us will be matched!

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Dearest Plant Magic Family,

Happy Summer Solstice! I am writing to celebrate our Spring wins and share with you some exciting news!

Firstly — our newest supporting Family Foundation has pledged $10,000+ if we can match thier $10,000 MINIMUM by THIS Sunday June 30th.

So, we are launching our FIRST official fundraising drive, aiming to raise 20k to cover our Summer budget short fall. And We need YOU! Every dollar counts!- So pretty pretty please, consider giving THIS WEEK. If each person we send this email to shares just $10 we will reach our goal!

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Why Give?

Well- most importantly, we are GROUND ZERO for Psychedelic and Plant Medicine Citizens Advocacy. Home to Prop 122 Head Quarters (now Denver HeartQuarters), we hold a commitment to help keep the public updated on changing laws by keeping a close eye on bills introduced to amend our legalization efforts.Our March on the Capital on May 1st successfully played a small yet mighty role in defeating SB24-158. According to a fellow marcher & lobbyist, “us showing up gave permission to the larger more engaged orgs to make some phone calls and tell lawmakers to shut it down.” And guess what, the bill was killed on the floor. We made an impact!
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Where Will Funds Go?

This summer we are building an epic software system to house our online membership portal and developing our Integration Program with over 10 licensed therapists. Our membership will lead us to full sustainability and we are putting our all into its creation.

Bigger Picture – We are architecting a Flagship for community centered modeling with a success story that beckons and inspires Pioneers and Leaders of 48 more states to spearhead their legalization measures! We plan to share, teach, and support them with frameworks for success rather than crafting from scratch, because WOW! What a trip this creation has been….my biggest dream is to make it way easier for those brave enough to do it too.


Why Give?

Thank you to Mintwood and the American Foundation for sponsoring the salaries of Plant Magic’s Leadership! Though I am still a full time, over-time volunteer, I trust that bringing on additional leadership will ensure success for the model we are building, and believe in the abundance coming. Therefore, I’ve allocated this funding for the salaries of 3 women, all former volunteers. Please welcome Nicci, Lauren, and Aubrey to Plant Magic Leadership!!!

Plant Magic Collective
Summer Solstice Fundraiser

Double Your Impact!
If our goal of $10K is met by June 30,
your donation to us will be matched!

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Support Plant Magic HQ with a one-time gift or set up easy recurring donations to help sustain our mission. Your financial support is crucial in advancing plant medicine research and education. Donate through PayPal.

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Join our vibrant community as a volunteer and contribute your time and skills to support our cause. Volunteering with us is a rewarding way to engage with plant medicine culture and make a meaningful difference.

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Spread the word about Plant Magic HQ and our mission! Share our story, events, and educational resources on your social media platforms to help promote the benefits of plant medicine and psychedelics.

A little on our story

Plant Magic Collective Summer Solstice Fundraiser

Join us in celebrating the longest day of the year for a cause, the healing of our community! If our goal of raising $10,000 is met by June 30th, we will receive a matching donation doubling your contribution. 

The Plant Magic Collective is a Plant Medicine Resource Center in downtown Denver, Colorado that houses a 501(c)3 education center: Denver HeartQuarters, a multi-sacrament church, the Dose Denver Microdose Club and Plant Magic Cafe. A pioneering organization committed to legitimizing plant medicine through education, therapy, and ceremonial experiences, Plant Magic Collective celebrates merging scientific and mystical knowledge in service of holistic well-being, and is rooted in principles of unity, public education, and responsible use. With a mission to advocate for entheogens as sacraments and medicines, they aim to provide accessible resources and community spaces to foster a culture of belonging.

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