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The Guide on How to Prepare for Kambo Sessions

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Table of Contents

What is Kambo therapy?

Kambo therapy is a natural healing method which involves the use of secretion from the Giant Monkey Frog (Phyllomedusa bicolor). This substance has been used for centuries in an initiation ritual by many indigenous tribes in the Amazon region to cleanse the body and spirit. During the ritual, the substance is applied to tiny burn wounds on the skin so that its bioactive peptides are absorbed into the lymphatic system and perform their action. Thereby, it helps to cleanse the body from toxins, boost the immune system and bring clarity to the mind.

Why the session preparation is important?

To have a safe and effective Kambo session (also known as a Kambo Cleanse or Ceremony), the physical and mental preparation before the treatment is of utmost important. When the body is in its prime, it will eliminate all the wastes and toxins effectively and you will experience deep relaxation. Preparing the body includes following the dietary tips and avoiding certain substances, while the mental preparation comes with the acceptance of the purging process and its normality.

Guide overview

This guide will explain in detail, the steps to take for the preparation of your kambo session. From what to eat, to what to wear and bring, each chapter contains information that will help you to have your treatment with no worries and fully relaxed. You will understand the significance of eating organic non processed food, importance of hydration and the need to avoid recreational drugs and alcohol. We will discuss on what to bring to your session such as comfortable clothes, hair tie and how to handle your medications and herbal supplements.

By reading this guide and following the steps, you will find yourself fully prepared for your Kambo session and ready to embrace a new experience.

Fasting & Preparatory Diet

The fasting and preparatory diet tips will help you to have a successful Kambo session. When the body is prepared by eating organic non processed foods and applying the fasting guidelines, the elimination process during the session will be effective and smooth.

What to eat before the session?

For a successful Kambo session, it is highly recommended that you eat organic non processed foods in the days before the treatment. The organic foods will help your body to eliminate the toxic residues and as a result facilitate the detoxification process during and after the session. The foods to focus on are fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and whole grain products. Energetically dense foods such as heavy meats, processed cereals and snacks should be avoided as they will affect the session’s outcome.

Fasting guidelines

Morning Sessions:

  • Fast for a minimum of 12 hours before the session.

  • 2 hours before the session you may drink one cup of water or non caffeinated herbal tea with a spoon of honey if needed.

  • No other liquids or foods should be taken before the session.

Day/Evening Sessions:

  • Have a light breakfast on the session day.

  • Apply an 8-12 hour food fast depending on the session time.

  • Liquid intake should not exceed 500ml and should stop drinking anything at least 4 hours before the session.

Hydration: Alkaline or Distilled Water

Good level of hydration is highly recommended but fluid intake should be controlled. See the tips below:

  • Drink plenty of alkaline or distilled water in the days before the session.

  • Keep yourself well hydrated on the session day but avoid heavy liquid intake just before the session.

Alcohol and recreational drugs

For a minimum of 24 hours before and after the Kambo session, please avoid alcohol, do not drink alcohol, and refrain from any kind of recreational drugs. They will affect the detoxification process and reduce the treatment’s benefits.

Special case for recent fasting or dietary changes.

If you have been on a water fast or any kind of strict food fasting regime in the last seven days, you must inform your practitioner before the session. Also, if you have made any significant dietary changes in the last 6-8 weeks, please let your practitioner know. This information is vital to ensure your safety and the successful outcome of the Kambo treatment.

What to wear and bring to the session

By following the Clothing recommendations and What to bring to your Kambo session tips, you will have a comfortable, private and effective session.

Clothing recommendations

To have a relaxing and stress free Kambo session, it is recommended that you wear easy and flexible clothes which allow the freedom to adapt to different positions. I recommend gym clothes because of its flexibility and breathability. You can consider the following:

  • Shorts: This will allow easy access to your legs for point placement.

  • Vest or Tank Top: This will allow easy access to the upper body for point placement.

  • Jogging Bottoms or Leggings: These are comfortable and flexible clothes.

  • Warm Socks: You will spend around 2 hours standing during the session.

  • Warm Jumper or Hoody: You will get cold if you wear only the bottom clothes recommendation.

Medicine & Herbal Supplements

The time that your medicines are taken before and after the session is of utmost important to avoid negative interaction with Kambo and to ensure the effectiveness of the medicines and the treatment as well.

What medicines should I take or avoid before the session?

For a safe and effective Kambo session, there are important guidelines that you should follow regarding your medicine intake. Before the session, you must inform your practitioner about all the prescription drugs, over the counter medicines and herbal supplements that you normally take.

  • Low Blood Pressure Medication: If you have been prescribed medicine to treat low blood pressure, please talk to your practitioner for special advice.

  • Herbal Medicines: Some herbal remedies have negative interaction with Kambo. You must let your practitioner know if you take any herbal medicines.

  • Sananga eye drops: If your treatment includes the use of Sananga eye drops, your practitioner will give special instructions on when to use them. If you wear contact lenses, it is recommended to remove them before the session to avoid any discomfort or complications.

When to take your prescription drugs and herbal supplements before and after the session?

  • Prescription Drugs: Take as directed by your doctor but for the session day, please talk to your Kambo practitioner for special advice.

  • Herbal Supplements: Depending on the type of herb, you may stop its intake some days before the session.

  • Non caffeinated Herbal Tea: Can be taken in moderation up to 4 hours before the session.

Follow your practitioner’s recommendations

To have a successful Kambo session, it is highly recommended that you follow the practitioner’s instructions.

The recommendations are based on your physical and spiritual needs and they will ensure the safety and effectiveness of the treatment.

  • Restore Vital Nutrients: After the session, you must follow the practitioner’s recommendations to restore vital nutrients. Usually, it involves the intake of coconut water and alkaline or distilled water.

  • Avoid Physically Stressful Situations: After the session, you should avoid physically stressful situation and get plenty of rest.

  • Do Not Operate Heavy Machinery: After the session, you may feel light headed and should avoid operating heavy machinery or driving.

By following the above guidelines on medicine and herbal supplements, you will have a helpful hand in ensuring your Kambo session is smooth and effective.

Parting Notes

kambo cleanse

Please Follow Guidelines Religiously

We cannot stress enough on the need for you to follow the guidelines laid down by your Kambo practitioner religiously. These guidelines are in place to ensure that you derive the therapeutic benefits of the session with minimal risks if any. From the timing of your medication, low blood pressure medication and herbal medicine; to not going to do anything physically taxing after the session and avoiding direct sunlight, your practitioner has your best interest in mind to ensure that your session is a success.

You must strictly adhere to your Kambo practitioners guidelines. They are very specific for maximum therapeutic effect with minimum risk. You may need to adjust the time you take your medications including low blood pressure medication and herbal medicines. You should rest for a while after your session and not engage in any physically stressful situation for several hours. You should not expose your skin to direct sunlight before or after your session. All of these guidelines are critical for a successful outcome.

Your practitioner is there for you. Ask questions.


I Am Nervous About My Session. What Do I Do?

Feeling nervous about your Kambo session is normal. We recommend the following tips to alleviate your anxiety:

  • Prepare: Prepare well by following all guidelines in the recommendations given. Eating well, preferably organic, non processed food and drinking lots of water.

  • Deep Breathing: Doing some deep breathing exercises can calm your mind.

  • Discuss: Discuss with your practitioner your concerns if any. They are there to assist you.

Can I Eat After My Session?

You can eat after your Kambo session. We recommend the following:

  • Light: Start with light, organic food such as fruits, vegetables and such.

  • Water: Drink lots of distilled or alkaline water and coconut water to replenish vital nutrients lost.

  • No Heavy Food: Avoid energetically dense foods and processed snacks directly after your session.

How Long Is A Kambo Session?

Your Kambo session would take about 20 – 40 minutes. This includes the time taken for:

  • Preparations: The initial preparations where the practitioner explains and gets everything ready.

  • Application: When Kambo is applied and the effects kicks in.

  • Rest: The rest period after the purging is completed.

What Can I Expect During The Purging Phase?

You can expect the following symptoms during the purging phase:

  • Nauseous and Vomiting: This is quite common as part of the detoxification process.

  • Sweating: Your body may release toxins through sweating.

  • Dizzy/Light Headed: Some people may feel light headed or dizzy. This is normal and is temporary.

  • Emotional Outburst: It is not uncommon for there to be emotional outbursts during the session.

What Are The Side Effects That I Should Know About?

While Kambo is safe when taken with a trained practitioner, there are side effects that you should know about:

  • Low Blood Pressure: There could be temporary low blood pressure during and after the session.

  • Inflammation and Redness: Possible swelling at the application points.

  • Tiredness: Some people may feel tired or drained after the session.

  • Direct Sun: After the session, do avoid direct sun exposure.

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