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Microdosing Protocols

Once you've determined the purpose behind your desire to microdose, the next step is to select a suitable microdosing protocol for your own schedule and personal microdosing journey. We highly recommend adhering to a specific schedule that outlines when and for how long you'll be microdosing. This structured approach is what we refer to as a microdosing protocol.
microdosing protocols

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Whether you’re new to microdosing or an experienced enthusiast, you’ve probably pondered at some point, “What microdosing protocol should I follow for the best results?” The truth is, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all “best microdosing protocol” because different approaches serve different purposes and yield varied outcomes for each individual.

If your goal for microdosing revolves around seeking relief from mental health issues, headaches, or ADHD, it’s crucial to seek guidance from a microdosing expert. They can provide you with a personalized protocol tailored to your specific needs or, at the very least, recommend a standard approach that may work for you.

However, if you’re microdosing to enhance creativity, find inspiration, and optimize your overall well-being, experimenting with different protocol options can be an exciting journey to explore your unique connection with psychedelics.

What is the right dosage level?

Microdosing protocols are primarily designed to offer guidance on the dosing schedule rather than specifying a particular dosage or stacking practice (which involves adding other ingredients to enhance the microdose’s effects). Typically, microdosing entails consuming anywhere between 2-10% of the full dose. This amount is small enough to avoid impairment, allowing individuals to carry on with their daily activities seamlessly.

It’s crucial to note that nearly all microdosing protocols incorporate an “off-cycle” or a rest period, usually lasting 2-4 weeks. This approach ensures the maintenance of efficacy and prevents the development of tolerance to the substance. Moreover, this off-cycle triggers natural neurotransmitter production in the brain, likely responsible for the enduring effects of the microdosing practice even after the practitioner has stopped dosing.

microdosing protocols

What are the different microdosing protocols?

Currently, there are six distinct microdosing protocols, each involving a rest period of two to four weeks after completing a microdosing cycle that spans four to eight weeks. This crucial break allows for tolerance avoidance, ensuring the enduring healing benefits of microdosing psychedelics. To ascertain the most suitable microdosing protocol for your needs, we suggest experimenting with each microdosing schedule for a minimum of one month.

1. The Fadiman Protocol

The Fadiman Protocol, also referred to as the Beginners Protocol, stands as one of the most renowned microdosing practice protocols. This method was devised by Dr. James Fadiman with the aim of carefully delineating microdosing days from non-microdosing days to effectively observe the effects of microdosing.

For your initial microdosing experiment, Dr. James Fadiman’s protocol serves as an exceptional foundation. This protocol entails a 3-day cycle, which you will follow for a period of four to eight weeks.

How to microdose according to the Fadiman Protocol:

  • DAY 1: 1st microdosing day

  • DAY 2: transition day

  • DAY 3: normal day

  • DAY 4: 2nd microdosing day

CYCLE: Continue this cycle for four to eight weeks
RESET: Two to four weeks rest

Watch the video in which Dr. James Fadiman talks about the Fadiman Protocol:

2. Microdosing Institute Protocol (every second day)

Based on the experience of our microdosing coaches, it has been discovered that some individuals experience greater benefits when microdosing every second day. This approach can significantly enhance the efficacy of microdosing, particularly when targeting medical purposes or dealing with psychological challenges such as depression, social anxiety, ADHD/ADD, migraines, or cluster headaches. As a result, we have developed the Microdosing Institute Protocol.

It is important to select this microdosing protocol thoughtfully, preferably with the assistance of one of our microdosing coaches. If your intention is to begin microdosing for medical reasons, we strongly advise against self-experimentation; instead, consult your doctor or healthcare practitioner first and seek guidance from a qualified microdosing coach.

How to microdose according to the MDI Protocol:

  • DAY 1: 1st microdosing day

  • DAY 2: transition day

  • DAY 3: 2nd microdosing day

  • DAY 4: transition day

CYCLE: Continue this cycle for four to eight weeks
RESET: Two to four weeks rest

3. Two-days-a-week Protocol

Microdosing every second or third day means the microdosing days will vary throughout the week. While this approach works for some, it might not be suitable for everyone, especially those seeking a consistent routine that aligns with their weekly work or social commitments. If you prefer a fixed dosing schedule, we recommend selecting two specific days each week that best fit your schedule and ensuring there’s always at least one day between each microdosing session. This way, you can maintain a more structured and predictable routine.

How to microdose according to the 2-days-a-week protocol:

  • DAY 1: 1st microdosing day on fixed day (e.g., Monday)

  • DAY 2: transition day

  • DAY 3: normal day

  • DAY 4: 2nd microdosing day on a fixed day (e.g., Thursday)

CYCLE: Continue this cycle for four to eight weeks
RESET: Two to four weeks rest

4. Stamet’s Stack (Stamet’s Protocol)

Paul Stamets, a renowned mycologist, author, and advocate for medicinal mushrooms, has pioneered and tested a novel microdosing formula. This innovative approach involves combining psilocybin, niacin (vitamin B3), and the medicinal mushroom Lion’s Mane. The result is a new microdosing formula and stacking method that exerts a positive and enduring impact on the brain.

Stamets coined the term “stacking” to describe the process of blending these substances, and the resulting combination is famously known as the “Paul Stamets Stack.” This stack primarily combines Lion’s Mane, psilocybin, and niacin (vitamin B3) for their unique and synergistic effects.

The ingredients for stacking Lion’s Mane are available at the following webshops: (European Union), Mushroom Revival (United States) and Microdosify (United States, Canada).

How to microdose according to the Stamets protocol:

  • DAY 1-4: stacking days

  • DAY 5-7: transition days

  • DAY 8-11: stacking days

  • DAY 12-14: transition days

CYCLE: Continue this cycle for four weeks
RESET: Two to four weeks rest

5. Nightcap Protocol

At times, some individuals may experience slight fatigue when microdosing magic truffles or magic mushrooms. To address this, the Microdosing Institute has introduced the Nightcap Protocol, a method that involves microdosing every other day before bedtime. By taking advantage of this natural weariness, individuals often report having more vivid dreams and waking up feeling refreshed and invigorated compared to their pre-microdosing state.

For optimal results with the Nightcap Protocol, it is advisable to take the microdose at least an hour before going to bed. While mushrooms, truffles, and B. Caapi vine are suitable for microdosing under this protocol, it is essential to note that LSD, 1cP-LSD, or 1P-LSD should not be used with this approach. There are two options available for the Nightcap Protocol, providing flexibility to choose the most suitable one for individual preferences.

Option 1:

Following the Microdosing Institute Protocol:

  • NIGHT 1: 1st microdosing night

  • NIGHT 2: transition night

  • NIGHT 3: 2nd microdosing night

  • NIGHT 4: transition night

CYCLE: Continue this cycle for four to eight weeks
RESET: Two to four weeks rest

Option 2:

Following the Fadiman Protocol:

  • NIGHT 1: 1st microdosing night

  • NIGHT 2: transition night

  • NIGHT 3: normal night

  • NIGHT 4: 2nd microdosing night

CYCLE: Continue this cycle for four to eight weeks
RESET: Two to four weeks rest

6. Intuitive microdosing

An alternative approach to microdosing involves embracing intuition, guided by a single rule: always maintain at least one day between each microdose. After one or two cycles of following a specific microdosing protocol, many individuals naturally transition to this more intuitive method.

microdosing stacks

Which microdosing protocol suits you?

To discover the ideal microdosing protocol that suits your needs, the best approach is to try them out firsthand. You can begin with Fadiman’s Protocol or, if it better aligns with your schedule, opt for the Two-days-a-week Protocol. The key is to be mindful of the contrast between an ordinary day and a microdosing day. To thoroughly explore the potential benefits of your first microdosing experiment, we recommend documenting your experiences in a journal or utilizing a tracking app. After completing your first cycle or in case of any adverse effects, you can make an informed decision about switching to a different microdosing protocol. Now, you are fully prepared to embark on your microdosing journey!

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