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Ink Magic in the Mountains Breckenridge, CO — Aug 16-18

Escape to the breathtaking mountains of Breckenridge, CO, for a unique and transformative retreat combining the ancient practices of ink magic and plant medicine. Hosted by the talented duo, Alandra and Meaghan Len, this retreat is designed to awaken your creativity, deepen your spiritual connection, and cleanse your mind and body.

Wachuma in the Mountains


There are three opportunities to come join the church in Ceremony in July & September – they are the following:

♦ July 26 – 28 ♦ September 13 – 15 ♦ September 20 -22

The Guide on How to Prepare for Kambo Sessions

prepare for kambo

The Guide on How to Prepare for Kambo Sessions Table of Contents What is Kambo therapy? Kambo therapy is a natural healing method which involves the use of secretion from the Giant Monkey Frog (Phyllomedusa bicolor). This substance has been used for centuries in an initiation ritual by many indigenous tribes in the Amazon region […]

Grandmother Medicine Prayer: July 12th – 14th

Grandmother Medicine Prayer - Denver

Grandmother Medicine Prayer: July 12th – 14th Location: Plant Magic, DenverDate: July 12th – 14th Hello Friends,  We are excited to be offering a 3 night prayer with Grandmother medicine. This prayer will be part of the uniting and rooting of the eagle and condor prophecy. We invite you to come participate in a sacred circle, healing […]

Exploring Psychedelics vs Plant Medicines: A Deep Dive

psychedelics vs plant medicine

Understanding the nuanced differences between psychedelic drugs and plant medicines is vital for their safe and effective use. This guide will delve deeper into these distinctions, exploring their implications for mental health, therapeutic practices, and cultural contexts.

The Benefits of Kambo: The Complete Guide

kambo benefits

Kambo, a traditional Amazonian healing ritual, involves applying the Giant Monkey Frog’s secretion to the skin. It’s believed to detoxify, enhance the immune system, and relieve chronic pain and inflammation. Proponents also claim it aids emotional and psychological healing, offering mental clarity and well-being. While scientific research is limited, many report transformative experiences. Consult a knowledgeable practitioner and consider potential risks before undergoing Kambo treatment.

2 BR Apt. Uptown Historic Home/Coffee Shop

2 BR Apt. Uptown Historic Home/Coffee Shop Gallery Entire rental unit in Denver, Colorado 5 guests – 2 bedrooms – 1 bath Room in a home Your own room in a home, plus access to shared spaces. Shared common spaces You’ll share parts of the home with the Host and other guests. Shared bathroom You’ll […]

Private Bed/Bath, Community Vibe

Private Bed/Bath, Community Vibe Gallery Room in Denver, Colorado 1 queen bed – Private attached bathroom Room in a home Your own room in a home, plus access to shared spaces. Shared common spaces You’ll share parts of the home with the Host and other guests. Private Attached Bathroom This place has a bathroom that’s […]

A little on our story

Plant Magic Collective Summer Solstice Fundraiser

Join us in celebrating the longest day of the year for a cause, the healing of our community! If our goal of raising $10,000 is met by June 30th, we will receive a matching donation doubling your contribution. 

The Plant Magic Collective is a Plant Medicine Resource Center in downtown Denver, Colorado that houses a 501(c)3 education center: Denver HeartQuarters, a multi-sacrament church, the Dose Denver Microdose Club and Plant Magic Cafe. A pioneering organization committed to legitimizing plant medicine through education, therapy, and ceremonial experiences, Plant Magic Collective celebrates merging scientific and mystical knowledge in service of holistic well-being, and is rooted in principles of unity, public education, and responsible use. With a mission to advocate for entheogens as sacraments and medicines, they aim to provide accessible resources and community spaces to foster a culture of belonging.

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