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5MeO/Bufo 101 with Tara Samadhi & Geoff



Meet and Greet with seasoned practitioners, Tara Samadhi & Geoff

Enjoy a Q&A around plant medicine, focused on “5MeO/Bufo 101.” If you’re curious about this medicine and ceremony, this is a perfect opportunity to learn more. Let us delve into the profound essence of 5-MeO-DMT, a pure molecule that unlocks the gateways to the mystical realms beyond. This sacred compound, also known as 5-Methoxy-N,N-Dimethyltryptamine, is a potent psychedelic found in select plants and the secretions of the Bufo alvarius toad. Belonging to the tryptamine family alongside fellow psychedelics like DMT and psilocybin, it beckons you to embark on a soul-stirring odyssey, where the boundaries between self and universe dissolve into pure essence.

Upcoming Bufo 101 Classes at Plant Magic

Monday, July 15 · 6 – 7pm MDT

Meet the Guides:

Tara Samadhi: is a seasoned practitioner with over ten years of experience studying under various Spiritual Masters. She integrates teachings from diverse traditions, offering guidance through intuitive insights and cosmic wisdom. Tara’s expertise includes sound alchemy, mantra chanting, and meditation, facilitating inner transformation and spiritual awakening. As a galactic oracle, she channels cosmic wisdom to help individuals navigate their soul’s journey and unlock their highest potential. With extensive experience in Amazonian shamanism and psychedelics including, Ayahuasca, 5Meo DMT, she guides seekers on journeys of self-discovery, empowerment, and soul liberation.

Geoff: is a seasoned journey guide with over five years of experience working with DMT, psilocybin, alchemy, and meditation. Combining ancient wisdom with modern techniques, he creates safe and transformative spaces for inner exploration.As a dedicated practitioner of meditation and alchemy, he brings a deep sense of presence and mindfulness to his work. He also utilizes sound alchemy to enhance the psychedelic experience, guiding participants on journeys of healing and self-discovery.With compassion and expertise, Geoff holds space for individuals to explore their consciousness, confront fears, and awaken to their true potential. His commitment to inner transformation makes him a trusted guide for those seeking profound personal growth.

We specifically honor the traditions of its use by indigenous tribes, but note that we are not indigenous people. We will educate participants of our understanding of this medicine, but always defer to indigenous people for a deeper understanding of this medicine. In that vein, we’re donating a portion of our revenue back to the indigenous tribes of the Amazon from which we learned these medicines.

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