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Welcome to The PLant Magic Collective

Denver Community Psychedelic and Plant Medicine Resource Center

Visit Us At:
925 E 17th Ave, Denver, CO 80218

What is Plant Magic?

The Plant Magic Collective is a Plant Medicine Resource Center in downtown Denver, Colorado that houses Plant Magic Cafe, a 501(c)3 education center: Denver HeartQuarters, a multi-sacrament church, and Dose Denver microdose Club. They are a pioneering organization committed to legitimizing plant medicine through education, therapy, and ceremonial experiences. Plant Magic envisions a sustainable Healing Center that celebrates merging scientific and mystical knowledge in service of holistic well-being, and is rooted in principles of unity, public education, and responsible use. With a mission to advocate for entheogens as sacraments and medicines, they aim to provide accessible resources and community spaces to foster a culture of belonging.


Cafe & Coffee Shop

501(c)(3) non-profit education association

Denver Area Ayahuasca Sacred Sacrament Church

Microdosing Club & Integration

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About Plant Magic


Our mission is to legitimize the use of plant medicine in contemporary wellness and healing. We share multidisciplinary practices of psychedelic & natural medicines that unify us to expand consciousness through education, therapy, ceremony, and a belief that we are each other’s medicine.


Our Vision is to create a successful, sustainable, and repeatable model for a Healing Center that up-levels and expands framework to include the needs of education & harm reduction services. Plant Magic seeks to meet and bridge the needs of scientific and mystic education. Our Psychedelic Community Resource Center models as a blueprint that legitimizes the use of entheogens nationwide in advocating for them as sacraments and medicines.

Upcoming Events & Programming

Plant Magic is here to provide you with a supportive community and a wealth of knowledge and resources on the healing properties of plant medicines such as psilocybin. Our center houses a range of wellness classes, workshops, events, and webinars to help you deepen your understanding and enhance your personal growth. From guided meditation to plant medicine ceremonies, our experienced facilitators will help you explore and connect with these powerful tools for healing and transformation.

plant magic cafe

The Plant Magic Cafe

Come and visit us at the Plant Magic Cafe, serving adaptogenic lattes and elixirs. Our cozy cafe is a great place to relax, read, journal, and meet like-minded people.

plant magic cafe

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& Retreats

Immerse yourself in the profound healing power of plant medicine through our carefully curated ceremonies and retreats. These sacred experiences are doorways to personal transformation, offering deep insights and connection with the natural world.

Join the waitlist to participate in legal plant medicine ceremonies in Denver and Breckenridge, hosted by our sister churches.


Make a Donation

Plant Magic houses a non-profit organization registered as a 501(c)(3). Our organization is focused on promoting education and cultural understanding about psychedelic plant medicines to a broader audience. We have a small team of skilled professionals and passionate volunteers who are dedicated to this community-oriented cause.

Our goal is to create a connection between the traditional use of sacred plants and modern psychedelic science. We envision a future where plant medicines and other psychedelics are recognized, respected, and incorporated into our cultural identity, social systems, legal frameworks, and healthcare systems.

In the Media

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  • Stay informed about upcoming events
  • Learn about the benefits of plant based medicines
  • Be the first to hear about upcoming and new classes
  • Explore the spiritual side of plant medicines
  • Learn about the perks of a Plant Magic Membership

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Support Plant Magic with a one-time gift or set up easy recurring donations to help sustain our mission. Your financial support is crucial in advancing our community, plant medicine research, and education.

Plant Magic – Breckenridge Colorado

πŸ„ We invite you to the Mountains🌡

Dates: June 14-16

Discover the Healing Power of Nature

Join us for a transformative retreat in the majestic mountains of Colorado, where we will embark on a journey of healing and self-discovery through the ancient and sacred practices of plant medicine and sound.